A Powerful Restorative Reset – Your Invitation

Restorative Reset

A Restorative Reset: Draw a line in the sand, step over the line, and leave everything behind that won’t serve the future you are creating. 

As you’re reading this you either feel compelled to read on because it has awoken something inside you that you forgot, or, you’re overwhelmed at the moment but you know you want to come back to this article soon. 

As you read on you will have only a certain amount of openness to this concept, until you bring your awareness to this fact you will be limited. This is true for every moment of our lives. With everything swirling around us as an option and suggestion, it’s interesting to note why and how we are ready and open to receive some things and other things we brush off. 

Timing For A Restorative Reset

We have all had experiences where we have felt ‘ahhhhhh I needed this.’ We have tried the breathwork class, put ourselves on the yoga mat, watched the documentary, gone for a brisk walk or run, had a restorative reset conversation with someone that helped us sort and sift through our thoughts, and in that moment we have felt relaxation and ease. We have thought ‘Oh I need more of this in my life.’ Or ‘man, if I did this all the time imagine how smooth life could be?’

I invite you now to think back to things that you either tried or that you heard of and that piqued your interest. Those things did not cross your path by accident, they were put there to remind you. They are there to nudge you.

While stress seems to be normalized in our world, it is our choice how we handle it for ourselves. The key words here are ‘for ourselves.’ While we may want to help and support those we love, we need to bring our energy back into our own lane before we can have any positive effect on others. It is only our example that will have an impact, not our intentions. Maybe this article will empower you to take new actions to uplevel your life. It is all too easy to feel bogged down and settle. Allow these words to fuel you and breathe life back into your mind and heart. 

Please also take a moment and acknowledge all you have done up until this point. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit. Life is a series of feeling on purpose and course corrections.

You are either where you want to be, or you’re being reminded to return to places and spaces that encourage more restorative resets. 

Here is YOUR Invitation For A Restorative Reset

  • To reset your life fully and completely. 
  • To bring a new level of wisdom to the way you move through your days and shift what you have access to. 

All we ever need to do is remember to pull restorative activities in and practice them. 

I am the first to admit this is not always easy. Bringing our awareness first to our receptors is key. Think of your receptor like a camera lens. It opens and closes due to so many factors. The more often we tap in and check on our receptors, the more we can adjust them. These, like most of our inner systems, run on autopilot and without our conscious awareness. That is until we pull them into our conscious awareness and then the game changes.

Our foundational needs play a huge role in our receptors. As we sense a threat or experience one in actuality, our nervous systems dysregulate and go into overdrive. The sad thing is that most people don’t shake off past experiences and they forever limit and impact what we have access to.

(If you’re reading this and you realize that you are done with your past and would like some support around releasing it, please reach out to someone you feel safe talking to. Continue to listen to the inner voice that is nudging you to heal.) 

There have been times when we needed to shut down and close ourselves off for safety reasons, but over time left unchecked our receptors may have stayed unnecessarily closed. Think back to when you were a child, remember how open and innocent and receptive you were? As we move through our lives we become jaded and cynical and in defense we build walls, and sadly those walls keep the great stuff out as well. 

Embrace A Restorative Reset Now

Perhaps today is the day that you try something new and it becomes something you refuse to live without. Perhaps you take this moment and slow down your breath. Perhaps you bring all your focus to this very moment and you remember that this is all you ever have. Pause everything outside of you just for a moment. The world will continue to spin, let it.

For now, follow your breath in, and out, and send it gently to any parts of your body holding any stress and tension.

Welcome your body and mind into this new moment

Into this new space in time where everything just for now is completely calm and relaxed

Letting go of anything your mind was holding onto to

Releasing anything your mind has been clenching or even wandering over to

Taking this time just for you

Bringing all your focus within

Take another deep breath just for you and remember that the future is a beautiful blank page awaiting your creation. Your past doesn’t exist there unless you carry it there. We are all carrying so much. I know how heavy it is, and I softly urge you to put ‘it’ down. Without knowing exactly what your ‘it’ is I know you didn’t request it. I know it rolls around in your mind and heart all too often. I know you have tried to release it. 

It’s time to leave it where it belongs. It’s time to release the hurt and pain and lean into your wisdom and freedom. Pause here for a moment before you read on. Pause and listen. There is a whisper within….. 

You may hear it now or it may arrive in the next day or two. Be open to discovering it over and over. Again and again. It lives in the moments we carve out space. It lives in the calm.

Take this moment to imagine something new, something exciting. Something you have always dreamed about. Allow it in. Then plug it into your future by keeping it present. Continue to pull it into your mind and heart. Share it with others to keep it alive. Pull it into existence with your words. Write it in your journal to anchor it even further.

Placing your focus there changes everything. Focus forward, on all that’s newly available……

Stay here a while and resist jumping over to your next activity……. just breathe, and be….

Savor this new space you have created……..

As things pass your path from now on perhaps you will view them differently. Perhaps you will newly choose to embrace them, especially if they are for your highest greatest good. By adjusting our receptors we can welcome in what helps us grow and expand, and we can politely say ‘no thank you’ to the rest of the noise.

We have the ability to draw a line in the sand in any area of our life. We can take stock of all that works and choose what we want more of. All this wisdom lives within the restorative reset. With conscious intentions, we can customize all of it. Oh how we all forget just how much is within our power.

Cheers to remembering.


  • Cindy Weber

    I am a deep thinker and feeler. A Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Progamming. I’m a lifelong learner, looking to co-create conversations that count. I write to tap back in, to remember, and to expand.

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