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5 Reasons To Impress Yourself First

impress yourself first

When was the last time you set out to impress yourself? Did you know it’s possible to land in a space of total satisfaction in all areas of your life? Read on to learn a little reframe that can help you elevate your entire life – YES, I mean all areas!

A World Where All Goals Are Achievable

Imagine setting just one goal before each activity and that goal is to impress yourself.

  • Identify the level you desire
  • Meet or exceed that level

Do it for you and you only 

Let’s be honest for a moment. Everyone has someone they secretly want to impress. It’s either out of revenge or it’s a subtle wish for outer validationWe have so many desires to be seen and understood which is natural but we need to keep this in check. In this very moment you have an opportunity to look and see for yourself. Who do you wish would acknowledge you? unimpressed childPerhaps pause here and let a little more wisdom arrive. 

Everything that has ever disappointed us has left an imprint on our trust level. This includes when we have disappointed ourselves.

It’s natural for every single one of us to look to outside sources for approval. Our society is built that way, but it’s not the only way. 

Why We Cut Corners

Let’s start with some compassion and awareness as to how we human. I am not a fan of make wrong. When we know more we can do more, plain and simple. Let’s take a look at a universal truth. A defining moment that shaped the way we see the world, people, and what we feel is possible. This situation is one of many that left a huge imprint on many of our beliefs.

When we were young (yes every single one of us) had the experience of sharing something we were VERY proud of. We shared it with glowing hearts in hopes of praise and accolades. It was in that very moment when we didn’t receive it that we declared we would never again try so hard. 

Never again. Since then we have all declared we shall forever perform at a half-assed level to ensure we avoid this heartache and disappointment. 

In knowing this;

  • Does something open up for you? 
  • Can you offer yourself some compassion?
  • Can you witness newly that you have been holding back on so many areas and this could be why?

We forget that everything is available at our fingertips because society is built upon us looking outside ourselves for everything. We can however pull away from seeking any validation or agreement or action from outside of us. Once we choose to and once we see another way.

What if there was one shift you could make to change it all?

This is it – create impress yourself as your new game. Your new goal. 

The First Steps To Impressing Yourself

Once we begin to see this more and more out in our lives, we begin to take back our power. We begin to spot all sorts of areas where we have sabotaged our results. We simply stopped before we had a chance to feel good about our efforts.

We can start to look within and ask ourselves one simple question: in doing any task….. How can I do it so that I impress myself? And from there the practice can begin, and a whole new world becomes available. From there we can start to elevate everything we do, and from there we can begin to trust ourselves again. From there it will become second nature to create more and more with effortless ease. Imagine every task providing you with a boost of satisfaction.

With that one simple question, many things will arrive. There will be new answers and newly available actions. These will provide access to something that otherwise wasn’t available.

How can I do it so that I impress myself?

Most of us move through most of our days on complete autopilot. Checked out of our present moment and half connected to 17 other tabs open in our brain. Some tabs are of the past, some are predictions of the future and not enough bring focus to this very moment we are in. 

So many of us are waiting on the world to change or to show up differently. We fail to remember we can have so much right here right now. 

When we seek to look for ways to impress ourselves, we can shift more than we realize. In this practice what’s available is a completely new way of relating to ourselves. 

In this, we rewrite the story of what we’re capable of creating. This in turn will shift our belief of what our futures hold. 

  • This practice literally transforms everything.
  • It up levels your whole life not only by opening up your present but accessing previously locked future possibilities and confidence 
  • It redefines what you believe is possible 

Stacking up-leveled actions on top of one another, we begin to build a whole new way of life. We begin to change the way we perceive everything. We begin to see everything is within our reach. We remember what we are capable of. We remember that we can rely on ourselves. With that level of accountability, we begin the firm up our true foundations. We begin to see that we can achieve things, all sorts of things! We simply stop looking at our sabotage as evidence we shouldn’t try for big goals. 

Each moment and each action feeds a story of who we are. This story fuels or shrinks our next move, shaping our entire world. 

Let this be a beautiful reminder of how to transform your gorgeous life into an epic dream. 

Face it, if impressing yourself was the goal, almost everything we do would be done differently. 

If we stopped looking outside ourselves and nudged ourselves to take the extra effort we would redefine what’s possible~In all areas. Right here right now we can shake off autopilot and stop simply ‘doing things and checking boxes.’

Think about it. Currently, we do as much as we can in the shortest amount of time. We feel overwhelmed and under satisfied in most things. 

The Reward Of Impressing Yourself

There are so many rewards to this practice. One is that you get to move through your day in silent satisfaction and able to customize the outcome of everything. You’ll be able to curate the exact flavour of every result in every task you take on. 

The practice of impressing yourself allows you to uplevel all areas of your life; chores, generosity with others, getting ready, money management are just a few examples.

The outcomes of this practice allow you to find a new level of satisfaction – you’ll transform mundane chores – you’ll shift what you see as possible and you’ll transform the way you relate to yourself – you’ll begin to realize that the more you impress yourself the more you realize you are capable of creating so much more than you realize. 

All too often our half-ass efforts diminish our view of what we can achieve. This exercise has the ability to up-level every aspect of your life and what you previously saw as an option.

Why Should You Impress Yourself?

When the goal is to impress yourself you begin to shift the way you see everything. It can begin with the smallest things, and from there it will all expand. You will begin to newly spot minute gaps in your efforts that you previously were blind to. You will begin to see just how easy it is to adjust everything you do, ever so slightly to gain immense results. In every area of our life, we have an unspoken measurement that defines our own feeling of success. Most of us however don’t take the time to pause and define that measurement. Without even knowing the measurement we have no chance of arriving in a space of success. 

Think about how you

  • Do the dishes
  • Do the laundry 
  • Clean your car 

Each one of us has a slightly different way in which we do these activities and a slightly different way of feeling successful in doing them. In each instance, you have the opportunity to come out of it with a feeling of accomplishment if you choose to. This is the simplicity of impressing yourself, it can happen anywhere and with anything. By taking on this practice you will begin to notice why mundane chores and most of life, have never felt rewarding or satisfying.

Somewhere somebody is doing exactly what you are dreaming of doing. They are achieving your desired results:

  • making the money 
  • getting the promotion 
  • buying the house 
  • wrapping their fingers around the steering wheel of your dream car

Some questions to ask yourself and to help you get there are:

  • What do they do differently?
  • What do they believe?  
  • Who do they surround themselves with?
  • What influences do they allow in? 
  • What influences do they seek out? 
  • Are they actively working to override their disempowering beliefs?
  • What are their daily habits?
  • How do they shake off what limits them?
  • What other areas of their life do they manage differently?
  • What actions do they have access to that you’ve blocked yourself from?

The questions above can create new access points into new actions you can take. The starting point is when you impress yourself more than you’re focused on impressing others. 

There’s a goal inside of you right now. Only you can create it. It may feel big, maybe even heavy. Regardless, it’s achievable and somebody has already achieved it. They’re happy to share their wisdom and their knowledge. There are so many humans on this planet, willing and wanting to share what they’ve learned so others can join them in success. 

Be bold in reaching out to connect with them and stay aligned with their messages and the information that they share. Begin to see that it’s all available! You can impress yourself if you make the choice to.

With your newfound confidence, it will be easier and easier to align with new places and spaces, and opportunities. 

We live in a world full of information and choices. Our lives are inundated with knowledge and wisdom and advice. Begin to discern what you let in and where you put your energy. Sort and sift and pull in more of what works. Keep reaching for the inspiration that moves you towards ALL you desire.

After all, it’s all available, for those who remember. Now go impress yourself

  • Cindy Weber

    I am a deep thinker and feeler. A Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Progamming. I’m a lifelong learner, looking to co-create conversations that count. I write to tap back in, to remember, and to expand.

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  • This article is an eye-opener. All my life I have wanted to achieve the “Big Goals” but failing to reach them every time. I’m going to change my focus to doing an impressive job with the small tasks that need to be done to reach the “Big Goals”. I will stop living on autopilot. I will stop giving life a half-ass effort.
    Thank you!


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